Tao of Management: Verse 6

The mysterious feminine and management principles. Taoism is pretty specific in saying the feminine is the root of all existence:

Verse 6:

The Spirit of the Fountain dies not.
It is called the Mysterious Feminine.
The Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine
Is called the Root of Heaven-and-Earth.

Lingering like gossamer, it has only a hint of existence;
And yet when you draw upon it, it is inexhaustible.

My Interpretation:

The female spirit is the root of all existence
It is barely noticeable but is in all things

It is within you, as it is in everybody
Call on it, and it will never fail you

Since the Tao is so straightforward, I will be too.  If you want to be a good manager, pay attention to how both men and women manage people.  Call upon the skills you saw your mother use in managing her household and her husband and children. Consider whatever you think as “feminine” might be a good approach to a business decision or HR situation.  This verse is ripe for platitudes, so I will stop here tonight with one last suggestion.  When in doubt, call your mom, you might be surprised.


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