Tao of Management Verse 13

Verse 13

“WELCOME disgrace as a pleasant surprise.
Prize calamities as your own body.”

Why should we “welcome disgrace as a pleasant surprise”?
Because a lowly state is a boon:
Getting it is a pleasant surprise,
And so is losing it!
That is why we should “welcome disgrace as a pleasant surprise.”

Why should we “prize calamities as our own body”?
Because our body is the very source of our calamities.
If we have no body, what calamities can we have?

Hence, only he who is willing to give his body for the sake of the world is fit to be entrusted with the world.
Only he who can do it with love is worthy of being the steward of the world.

My Version:

Welcome failure as a pleasant surprise.
Treasure it as you would your successes.

Why? Because failure shows you:
“This works, and this doesn’t work.”

Why treasure it?
Because your failures must be seen to be eliminated.

If you are willing to treasure your failures, you are willing to learn.
And if you are willing to learn, and act with compassion to those you fail.

Then you are worthy to lead.


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