Tao of Management Verse 24

Verse 24

One on tip-toe cannot stand
One astride cannot walk,
One who displays himself does not shine.
One who justifies himself has no glory.
One who boasts of his own ability has no merit.
One who parades his own success will not endure.
In Tao these things are called “unwanted food and extraneous growths,”
Which are loathed by all things.
Hence, a man of Tao does not set his heart upon them.

My Take:
We all know this person.
They are awesome,
Just ask them,
They are happy to tell you.

So here’s a shout-out:
To all those who get stuff done
Whose peers know it
And on whom superiors can rely

The only thing at which the well-known are better,
Is being well-known.
That don’t count for much,
Where the rubber meets the road.


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