Tao of Management Verse 27

Verse 27
Good walking leaves no track behind it;
Good speech leaves no mark to be picked at;
Good calculation makes no use of counting-slips;
Good shutting makes no use of bolt and bar,
And yet nobody can undo it;
Good tying makes no use of rope and knot,
And yet nobody can untie it.

Hence, the Sage is always good at saving men,
and therefore nobody is abandoned;
Always good at saving things,
And therefore nothing is wasted.

This is called “following the guidance of the Inner Light.”

Hence, good men are teacher of bad men,
While bead men are the charge of good men.
Not to revere one’s teacher,
Not to cherish one’s charge,
Is to be on the wrong road, however intelligent one may be.
This is an essential tenet of the Tao.

My take on this:
At work, and especially as managers, we are our brother’s keeper.
Cherish the opportunities you have to teach, guide and learn.
The trick is, of course, to lead without being heavy handed.
The trick is not to give up and leave somebody behind.
The trick is to get the best possible result with the least possible effort.
The goal is to make the way so clear they don’t realize it was blocked.
To do the most important thing without seeming to do anything.
This is an essential challenge of a Tao of Management.


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