dad15I have been working in the nonprofit sector for twenty-five years, and have led humanitarian relief and cultural arts companies ranging in size from $500,000 to $9.5 million in annual revenues. In addition to this work I have served as a volunteer for a number of organizations fighting human trafficking, child abuse, and violence against vulnerable persons. I have written on topics as diverse as the International Responsibility to Protect, and the application of Taoism to modern management practice. I hold degrees in Political Science, Speech Communications, and Arts Administration and have served as a grants review panelist, national conference speaker, and consultant on multiple occasions.

Below are some areas of interest and focus.

Board Development
*  Bylaws, Policies & Procedures – best practices
*  Board Orientation – how to get them up to speed
*  Board Retreats – how to get them focused on an issue
*  Diversification & Recruitment – having the right voices at the table

Community Engagement
*  Planning – what it is and is not
*  Research – who are the key communities, why, and how to reach them
*  Policy – who does what, for which communities, and why
*  Metrics – what to measure and how to measure it

*  Business Planning – new projects or new companies
*  Financial Dashboards – what to report and how
*  Financial Literacy – training for board and staff
*  Forecasts and Projections – getting beyond gut instinct

*  Annual Campaigns – planning and management
*  Corporate Campaigns – cultivation and solicitation
*  Foundations/Govt. – grant writing and project management
*  Major Gifts – cultivation, solicitation & stewardship
*  Endowments – stewardship and investment policies
*  Capital Campaigns – feasibility studies, campaign planning, management

*  Project Management – database planning
*  IT Strategic Planning  – infrastructure planning
*  Training – planning, training, policies and documentation

*  Human Resources – hiring, firing, policies, handbooks, coaching
*  Strategic Planning – from first time planning to rolling continuous planning
*  Specialty Seminars – based on need

Marketing Research
*  Demographics – who are your customers, patrons, key communities
*  Polling & Surveys – find out what they think
*  Audits – what are you doing that works, how to communicate better

Social Media
*  Planning – who, what, when, where, why, & how of this new tool
*  Metrics – what to measure, why, and how to track and report
*  Policies – integration across company, impact on personnel
*  Management – if you need a hand getting started, or re-started

I make every effort to attribute material to sources, and am happy to make corrections. My thoughts and opinions are otherwise mine and mine alone, and not attributable to my employer(s).


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